Street Light Conversion Program

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The Light Department is the recipient of a grant from the State Department of Energy Resources (DOER) to facilitate the conversion of our street lights to LED.

The first step is to take a comprehensive inventory of all 1,650 of our existing lights, which will take place this month. You may see someone near our poles and lights gathering relevant information such as GPS location, type of light, height, etc.

Replacement of our 1,300 eligible lights will start later in the Spring and take place over the following year or so.

We will be placing samples of various lights along a section of Holden Street. This will allow us to see how they illuminate the area, ease of installation, etc. It will assist us in determining which fixtures will serve our needs the best.

Cobra head lights (like this one) will be replaced under the DOER program.

As the project progresses, we will issue updates and post frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the program on our webpage.