Mountview School Building Committee

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Meeting Date: 
October 13, 2015

 Mountview School Building Committee

October 13, 2015


7:00pm                                                                        Holden Municipal Light Department

Present: Chairman Paul Challenger, Dave White, Jacquie Kelly, Margaret Watson, Chris Lucchesi, Bob McCarthy, Larry Galkowski, Erik Githmark, Darryll McCall, Gary Kaczmarek, OPM, Sue Lucia

Others Present:           From LPA: Bill Senecal

  1. OPM Report:  Gary Kaczmarek gave a construction update. Site work continues with the binder coat down. They have added more granite curbing on the interior of the circle where the side walks are going.  Prep has begun around building. They have spread loam and grass in areas. The landscapers have started the mulch strip around the building between the lawn and the building. The goal is to get the sod down before the weather changes.  They are trying to get as much done before winter. The finish paving may not get done until phase 2. This could create drainage problems, but the contractor will make provisions. They have installed Cape Cod burm. The under ground conduit has been installed.  Boulders from site have been set in place.  Decorative bollards have been installed in the entrance walkway. A CCD regarding the level spreader in the back is going well. There was an issue with glue, but that has been taken care of with another system. They brought in an environmental surveyor.

On the exterior the ACM metal panel system is 95% complete. They are currently working on one small piece on the bottom of the sill, caulking, curtain walls and storefronts. They are also working on the stucco on the low part of the building above the windows, the canopy in the front entry and the ceilings. Some lighting has been installed on the exterior of the building. The delivery of units for the dehumidification system is expected by the end of this week.

On the interior they are working on the GIB board in the gym, MEP finishes on the 2nd & 3rd floors of the academic building, case work on B building, tiling and the ceiling grid in B building. They plan to prep the softball field in the next couple weeks before winter.  They are also working on side walks, landscaping, fencing and solar panels. They are finishing the roof edge around the building and working on brick work clean up. The project is on schedule and there has been a large increase in man power since August. The site is clean and the quality is good. There is also good communication.

FF&E update: The bids went out 9/21 and were due 10/5. There were 11 requests and 7 responders. A follow up is scheduled for Thursday with Mindy from Blueline. The prices came in favorable.

Dave White asked we are relative to ordering boxes, labels etc. for the teachers to move their belongings. Gary is in contact with Sterling North America, the moving company, but they have not set up schedule. They need to set date for a meeting over next couple weeks.

Dave also asked what the district is taking and not taking to the new building. They need to get a number on getting rid of the extras. Erik Githmark has created a spreadsheet on furniture. He will share the document with the other principals. Paul Challenger suggested sharing with the other towns in the district and even Worcester. We owe that to CTA to hand them an empty building. Margaret Watson asked about the donations made to the school from the Senior Center. If they will not be used in the new school she has asked for them to be returned.

Paul asked about the dehumidification equipment not being used. Gary stated they will get the units into Goods and Services. Dave suggested if once they are listed in Goods and Services and meet statutes and do not go, to then to put them on Craigslist. If they still do not get sold he suggested dismantling them and selling off the parts.

  1. Budget Summary:  Gary proposed CO #8 asking for approval not to exceed $15,000. Item #109 will not be approved. #101r2 refers to a new storage room that is needed for equipment. The area is already there, they are just securing it.  Dave commented on #111 He is concerned if it should have been there to start with. Bill Senecal stated the one in the kitchen was missed on the plumbing part. All the rest are ok. Dave asked if the kitchen staff has had a discussion on the steamer kettles filtration system. This will protect the equipment. Bill said he will find out. Paul asked about the sprinklers. Bill said the sprinklers in the media center, stair 2 and the emergency showers were missed by the consultant.  Paul Challenger motioned to approve the CO #8 request not to exceed $14,000 Dave White seconded. All were in favor to approve funds not to exceed $14,000 for CO #8.
  1. LPA Update: The canopy numbers have come back and CTA estimates it to be in the $350,000 to $700,000 range. Bill stated CTA went to a company that specializes in canopies. It was determined that glass was the best option. This will last 50 years compared to polycarbonate that lasts only 25 years. Glass is heavy and needs more reinforcement. Dave stated he was a strong advocate but feels it is not worth to doing for this amount of money, and no longer supports it. Chris Lucchesi suggested using a different door on inclement weather days. Erik Githmark said there are areas for kids to go. Darryll McCall said there is a large overhang at the doors, and they will work it out. Paul Challenger asked if it was the consensus to not pursue the canopy. All were in favor not to pursue the canopy.

An FF&E meeting with Blueline is scheduled for Thursday October, 15th with CTA and the OPM to discuss the 2/21/16 move in date. Dave asked why we need a consultant if we are buying off the state bid list. If you bid yourself you can get it for 20% less. He stated the state bid list is never the best price. Bill said he would look into this.

  1. Misc: The building walk through is scheduled for Saturday 10/17/15 at 9:00am. The Selectmen, department heads, The Landmark, Cable Access and other town committee members have been invited. The site will be ready for the walk through.

Larry Galkowski motioned to accept the minutes from August 11, 2015 as corrected, Bob McCarthy seconded. All were in favor with 2 abstained (abstained Erik Githmark and Darryll McCall).

Larry Galkowski motioned to accept the minutes from September 15, 2015, Erik Githmark seconded. All were in favor.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday November 10, 2015, 7:00 pm, HMLD Meeting Room

On a motion by Dave White, seconded by Bob McCarthy the meeting was adjourned at 8:15.

Prepared by Sue Lucia


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