Conservation Department/Conservation Commission

The mission of the Holden Conservation Commission is to protect wetlands in the town by administering the Massachusetts Wetlands Protect Act (WPA) and the Conservation By law adopted at Town Meeting, which has been extremely successful in regulating projects and reducing environmental degradation. In addition to conducting public hearings for various projects and monitoring permitted projects, the Commission is pursuing the creation of a Town Forest Stewardship plan.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Glenda Williamson Conservation Agent (508) 210-5535
Pamela Harding Director of Planning & Development (508) 210-5541
Carol Perkins Senior Clerk with the Planning & Development Office (508) 210-5538
Denise Monteiro Senior Clerk with the Planning & Development Office (508) 210-5539

Board Members

Name Title
Kenneth Strom Vice Chairman
Anthony Costello, MD Member
Michael Scott Member
Luke Boucher Member
David Nyman Member
Cathy Doherty Member
Elizabeth Parent Member