Town Charter & Bylaws


Chapter 2 Town Bylaws

Chapter 3.1 Sign Rules and Regulations

Chapter 3.2 General Laws and Special Acts Accepted

Chapter 3.3 Rules and Regulations IDFA

Chapter 3.4 Regulations of Raffle & Bazaar Permits

Chapter 3.5 Regulations for Automatic Amusement Devices

Chapter 3.6 Rules and Regulations for Solicitors & Canvassers

Chapter 3.7 Public Building Division, Rules, Regulations and Rental Fees

Chapter 4.1 Historic District Forms

Chapter 4.1 Historic District Commission Rules and Regulations

Chapter 4.2 Historic District By-Law

Chapter 5.0 Board of Health Title 5

Chapter 5.2 Demolish Buildings Rules and Regulations

Chapter 5.3 Restrictig The Sale of Tobacco Products

Chapter 5.4 Residential Refuse Collection Rules and Regulations

Chapter 5.5 Body Art Rules & Regulations

Chapter 6.1 Wetlands Act

Chapter 6.2 Eagle Lake Rules and Regulations

Chapter 6.3 Conservation Commission Rules and Regulations

Chapter 7.1 Section I Title, Authority and Purpose

Chapter 7.1 Section II Definitions

Chapter 7.1 Section III Establishment of Zoning Districts

Chapter 7.1 Section IV Interpretation and Application

Chapter 7.1 Section V Table of Use

Chapter 7.1 Section VI Area, Height and Bulk Regulations

Chapter 7.1 Section VII Signs & Billboards

Chapter 7.1 Section VIII Parking and Loading Regulations

Chapter 7.1 Section IX NonConforming Uses, Structures and Lots

Chapter 7.1 Section X Special Regulations

Chapter 7.1 Section XI Administration and Enforcement

Chapter 7.1 Section XII Amendment Validity and Effective Date

Chapter 7.1 Section XIII Flood Plain

Chapter 7.1 Section XIV Village Regulations

Chapter 7.1 Section XV Phased Growth

Chapter 7.1 Section XVI Aquifer Protection District

Chapter 7.1 Section XVII Wireless Comm Bylaw

Chapter 7.1 Section XVIII Retirement Community

Chapter 7.3 Subdivision Regulations

Chapter 7.4  Rules and Regulations for Zoning Board

Chapter 8.1 Traffic Rules and Regulations

Chapter 8.2 Pedestrian Control Regulations

Chapter 9.2 Water Department Rules & Regulations

Chapter 9.3 Street Opening Permits

Chapter 9.4 Sewer Connection Fee Schedule

Chapter 9.5 Sewer Rules and Regulations

Chapter 10 License/Permits/Fees

Chapter 11 Amendments