Town of Holden Social Media Policy

Town of Holden, MA

Social Media Policy

This Town of Holden's Facebook page adheres to the Town of Holden Social Media Policy. This Town of Holden's Facebook page is not monitored 24 hours/day or seven days/week, and timely questions or comments should be sent through the official Town of Holden website “Comments/Questions” link or through the Town of Holden Facebook page.  ALL EMERGENCY MESSAGES SHOULD BE REPORTED THROUGH THE 911 EMERGENCY REPORTING SYSTEM ONLY.

Emergency information will never be conveyed through this site.  For emergency updates from the Town of Holden, please refer to the Town of Holden website ( or the official Town of Holden Facebook page.

Comments posted on the Town’s pages will be monitored.  All those who post on the Town’s social media pages must adhere to these guidelines.  Posts will be removed if they violate the guidelines and the person posting the comment may be blocked or banned from the social media site at the Town’s discretion.

By posting comments on the Town of Holden [social media] page, you accept and consent to the following:


●          Comments must be clean and inoffensive.

●          Comments must be topically related to the particular posting being commented upon.

●          No comment that promotes discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or national origin.

●          No graphic, obscene, explicit, violent or pornographic content or language.

●          No solicitations, advertisements, promotions or endorsements of commercial services, products, organizations or companies.

●          No defamatory or personal attacks or threats.

●          No details about an ongoing investigation or legal or administrative proceeding that could jeopardize or prejudice the process, and no posts that could interfere with an individual’s rights.

●          No comments that suggest or encourage illegal activity.

●          No documents, photos, memes or video of any kind should be posted to this page.  Photos of town or town events should be submitted by email to the town of Holden at

●          No comments that support or oppose political candidates for office or ballot questions.

●          Anyone posting on the Town of Holden social media sites do so at their own risk, assuming full personal responsibility for their own comments, username, or any personal information provided.

The appearance of external links or the use of third-party applications on the Town’s social media pages does not constitute official endorsement of behalf of the Town of Holden.  Any comments and submissions posted to the Town of Holden social media pages are subject to all applicable local, state and federal laws.