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The Town of Holden is assigned to different courthouses for different purposes. The list below is a general guide. Please check your paperwork to verify the courthouse you should go to.


Leominster District Court

  • District Court sessions
  • Hearings (including traffic)
  • Bench trials
  • Motions
  • Arraignments
  • Restraining (209A) and Harassment (258E) orders
  • Most non-jury criminal matters
  • >> Click here for directions & contact information for Leominster


Worcester Courthouse
(Note: the webpage says "Juvenile", but it is the same courthouse for all Worcester proceedings)

  • Juvenile proceedings
  • Superior Court
  • Grand Jury
  • >> Click here for directions & contact information for Worcester


Fitchburg Courthouse

  • Most jury trials
  • >> Click here for directions & contact information for Fitchburg


Other court purposes

  • If you have other court matters (ie. housing, probate, etc.):
    >> Click here for a complete town-by-town directory of courthouses