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The Holden Police Department strives to keep our roadways as safe and accident-free as we possibly can. Our major streets and neighborhoods are patrolled 24/7/365 to enforce traffic laws. We also monitor safety "hotspots" with radar for speed enforcement and officer observation for stop sign/red light, crosswalk, illegal passing, and other violations.

Traffic Enforcement Requests
Citizens can help by telling us about safety issues around town and requesting pinpointed enforcement by use of radar, our radar trailer, and officer observation.

  • Call us anytime at (508) 210-5600 menu option 1
  • >> Click here to link to our online Traffic Enforcement request form

Thank you for your assistance in keeping Holden safe!



Note: If you received a ticket on a highway (such as I-190 or I-290), your stop was made by the Massachusetts State police, not the town of Holden Police Department. HPD will not have any information about these tickets.


HPD issues 5 types of tickets (also called citations):

Traffic Citation
A written traffic ticket, with "Massachusetts Uniform Citation" at the top. (If the checkbox "WARNING" is checked, scroll down to the Written Warning topic) 

  • Citations are issued for 2 types of offenses:
    • Criminal (must appear in court)
      a few examples:
      • unlicensed operation
      • driving to endanger
    • Civil 
      ​ a few examples:
      • speeding
      • failure to stop at a red light/stop sign
      • marked lane violations
      • unregistered motor vehicle
  • A citation may affect your insurance, as determined by the Merit Rating Board (contact your insurance agent for info)
  • For ciminal charges, you must appear in court
  • For civil charges, you may:
    • Pay your citation 
      • >> Click here to pay your citation online
      • Pay by mail by following the instructions on the back of the ticket
    • Appeal your citation (a court fee applies)
      • Follow the appeal instructions on the back of the ticket
      • >> Click here to pay the appeal court fee online


Traffic Citation Warning
Like a citation, a warning is written on the Massachusetts Uniform Citation. If the box marked "WARNING" above the officer's signature is checked, then no action is required by the violator. 

  • Warnings do not affect your insurance or merit rating
  • If you accumulate three within one year, the Registry has the option of suspending your license
  • There is no appeal procedure for warnings


Civil Disposition Violation
Civil Disposition tickets are issued for non-traffic violations. For parking tickets, scroll down to see that topic.

  • Town of Holden bylaws
  • State marijuana/THC laws (MGL Ch 94C section 32L)
  • Your alternatives are:
    • Pay the fine in person or by mail to the Town Clerk's office
    • Contest the matter by contacting Leominster District Court
  • For either alternative, follow the instructions on the ticket


Parking Ticket
If you violate a Town of Holden parking bylaw, you may receive a parking ticket issued by HPD.

  • The fine(s) listed on the ticket is payable at the Town Clerk's office in the Town Hall at 1196 Main Street (white building).
    >> Click here to pay your parking ticket online 
    >> Click here for a list of Holden parking violations and fines.
  • Parking tickets may be appealed by filing a Parking Ticket Appeal form with the Town Clerk
    >> Click here to access a parking ticket appeal form
  • In some circumstances, HPD will honor a parking consideration (called in ahead of time) 
    • >> Click here to go to our Services page for more info on parking considerations

Note: If you received a parking ticket at Wachusett Regional High School, it was most likely issued by and is payable to the school district. HPD and the Town of Holden are not involved with the administration of these tickets.


Courtesy Notice
HPD gives out pink courtesy notices instead of tickets under certain circumstances. If you receive one of these notices, no action is required. It is simply a reminder to obey town bylaws and traffic regulations in the future.