Health Department/Board of Health

Questions for the health agent? Please e-mail the Central Massachusetts Regional Public Health Alliance at

The presence of local boards of health in towns and cities across the state allows for a more grass roots effort in overseeing the public health in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. While many of the laws and regulations the Board of Health enforces are determined by the State, the Board also has the ability to develop regulations and take actions that they deem are uniquely beneficial to the health of the residents of Holden.

In a town such as Holden, the Board of Health undertakes the
responsibility of overseeing many facets of public health. The Health Agent handles the daily issues that arise, including communicable disease reporting, inspections of private septic system installations, trash and recycling collection, and any other issues that concern the public health of Holden residents. The three-member Board meets monthly to discuss any concerns and develop policies or regulations to protect the health and wellness of residents.
Assisting residents and real estate agents with Title 5 regulations is a primary role of the Board of Health Agent. With the large amount of growth the Town of Holden is experiencing, one of the main jobs of the Board of Health is to review and approve private septic system designs. While the availability of sewer to more and more residents has limited the number of septic system repairs, many of the areas experiencing growth in Holden are areas in which sewer will not be available. Waivers continue to be issued to forego Title 5 inspections or repair of failed systems prior to transfer of property in areas that will soon be able to connect to town sewer.

Household hazardous chemicals and paints are collected at the Wachusett Watershed Regional Recycle Center (with a fee) by Wachusett Earthday in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, the Town of Holden and six other Wachusett towns. Residents who need to dispose of household hazardous chemicals and paints before the next Wachusett regional collection should contact New England Disposal Technology in Sutton for its year-round services.

Electronics and universal waste including mercury itmes, batteries, and ballasts are collected at the Wachusett Watershed Regional Recycle Center on a weekly basis. Please visit for schedules.

The Board of Health strives to coordinate with local, state, and
national government and safety officials to provide the best
assistance and most up-to-date information possible to Town of
Holden residents. Residents with any health-related questions or
concerns should contact the Board of Health office.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Pamela Harding Director of Planning & Development (508) 210-5541
Carol Perkins Senior Clerk with the Planning & Development Office (508) 210-5538
Denise Monteiro Senior Clerk with the Planning & Development Office (508) 210-5539

Board Members

Name Title
Michael Mazloff Chair
Michelle O'Rourke Member
Stella Adu-Gyamfi Member