Municipal Electric Power Advisory Board

The Holden Municipal Electric Power Advisory Board is established to provide the Holden Municipal Light Department with the operational direction necessary to insure the successful competitive operation of that Department.
Function: The Municipal Electric Power Advisory Board (MEPAB) is hereby delegated authority to direct and control the daily operations of the Holden Municipal Light Department. This authority shall extend to and include:
1. Recommendation to the Town Manager of a qualified individual for appointment to the position of Light Department Operating Manager. The Operating Manager so appointed shall be directly responsible to the Directors for the conduct and supervision of the day to day operations of the Light Department.
2. Employment of such other servants, agents and attorneys as are deemed necessary to operate the Light Department, subject to such provisions of a merit system which may be established;
3. Recommendation of salary and wages to be paid to employees of the Light Department;
4. Purchase of supplies particular to the operation of the Light Department, in accordance with applicable General Laws and Town By-Law and consistent with accepted purchasing procedures;
5. Control of all plant, equipment, or supplies in the custody of the Light Department;
6. Establishment of electric rates in accordance with procedural requirements of various State and Federal Regulatory Bodies;
7. Manufacture and distribution of gas and electricity.

Board Members

Name Title
Scott Carlson Member
Thomas V. Runstrom Member
John Shepherd Member
Gary Harrington Member
Joseph Sullivan Member
Steven Sendrowski Member
Peter Elkas Member