Infrastructure Investment Fund

The Infrastructure Investment Fund (the Fund) is a special fund created in 1993 by Holden voters and by a special Act of the Massachusetts General Court.  Its purpose is to enable Holden citizens to regularly set aside monies for future capital projects and then to recommend the use of those monies for needed captial improvements.  In a word, the Fund seeks to avoid the crisis-oriented, special interest-driven, captial programs that too often characterize municipal spending.

The Fund Board, appointed by the Town Moderator, consists of seven members representing the Town Finance Committee and the community.  The Board meets frequently to discuss and prioritize the captial needs of the Town, to supervise the investments of the Fund and to approve the capital projects that the Fund will support.

Board Members

Name Title
Paul Challenger Member
Edmond G. Benoit Member
Dawn Michanowicz Member
John Lambert Member
Karl Makela Member