Planning Board

Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapter 41, Section 81 lays out the regulations and procedures the Planning Board must follow including but not limited to the Subdivision Control Law and the requirement to file an annual report. The Planning Board has established local regulations under this law to control the establishment of new subdivisions within the Town. Holden 19s By-laws provide additional procedures for the Planning Board to conduct Site Plan Review of other development projects to assure the safety of access and egress and internal circulation on those sites.
Meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesday of every month except during July and December, when only one meeting per month is held. 

Board Members

Name Title
Pamela Harding Town Planner / Director of Planning & Development
John Michalak Chairman
Robert Ricker Vice Chairman
Otto Lies Member, Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission (CMRPC)
Scott Carlson Member
Michael Krikonis Member
Nancy Kielinen Member
Jim Parker Member