Board Duties

Annual Reports
The Electric Board shall, annually, require the Light Department Operating Manager to submit a report of the operation of the Department for the previous year. The Board shall also cause to be prepared and submitted an annual financial statement. The aforementioned reports shall thereafter be submitted to the Town Manager with appropriate Board remarks.
The Board shall require the Light Department Operating Manager to prepare an annual budget for consideration by the Board. Such budget shall then be submitted to the Town Manager in accordance with the requirements set forth by Section 19, Chapter 406 of the Acts of 1951 and Chapter 164, Section 57 of the Annotated Laws of Massachusetts.
The Board shall cause the proceedings of their meetings to be recorded. Copies of such minutes shall become a public record and shall be kept on file in the Office of the Town Manager, Town Clerk, and the Light Department.
1. The Municipal Electric Power Advisory Board shall consist of three members who shall serve at the pleasure of the Town Manager for three year terms.
2. The Board shall organize and select a Chairman and such other officers as it sees fit.                      
3. The Board may adopt such rules as it may deem necessary and consistent with the orderly conduct of its business.