Marriage Certificates

The records of Holden births, deaths, and marriages are maintained in the Office of the Town Clerk, starting from 1741 and continuing to the present day.  The Holden Town Clerk issues certified copies of marriage records if the intention was filed in Holden.  If you're uncertain whether your marriage intention is filed in Holden, call the office for confirmation at 508-210-5530 before ordering online. It can also be obtained upon request in person with the payment of a $10.00 fee.  Generally, requests received by 3:00 p.m. will be mailed the same day or the following business day if the order is placed on a holiday or weekend. Payment may be made online by checking account or credit card.

A certified Marriage Certificate copy can also be ordered through the mail using this form.                 

To file intentions for a marriage certificate, please file your intentions with the Office of the Town Clerk two to four weeks proir to your wedding date.  It is recommended that you schedule an appointment for Tuesday or Thursday.  All intentions must be filed in person.  The fee to file your intentions is $30.  Once you file your intentions, you must wait three full days before picking up your marriage license and you must get married within 60 days of filing your intentions.  You must get married in the State of Massachusetts and you must be married by an offiicant authorized by the Secretary of State.  Any questions regarding one-day soleminzers or out of state clergy please review the Secrtary of State's site here

Please call (508) 210-5530 to schedule an appointment or ask questions.                

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