Online Services

   Birth Certificates using Unibank's Unipay system
   Death Certificates using Unibank's Unipay system
   Marriage Certificates using Unibank's Unipay system
   Parking Tickets using Unibank's Unipay system
How to Use the Town's (Unibank) Unipay system:

* Choose the type of payment from the drop down box.

* Have your bill in front of you, because you will need to enter the bill or account number.
* Please follow the directions on the payment site and make sure you are entering the correct numbers from your checkbook. DO NOT use the numbers on a debit card, which are not the same as your checking account number.
* You may also pay using your MasterCard or Discover card, but if you want to use this payment method, you will have to pay the fees that are charged by the credit card companies.
* For your protection, neither the Town of Holden nor UniBank stores payment information.

CONFIRMATION INFORMATION: The confirmation that you will receive from UniBank verifies only that the bank has received your payment information, but does not confirm the electronic transmission of funds.

ERRORS: Occasionally, we are notified that a transaction has been reversed because an invalid account or routing number was used. In this situation, we must also reverse the payment, leaving your bill unpaid. If this happens, we will notify you by e-mail and also by U.S. mail so that you can reissue the payment either online or by sending a check to the Collector’s Office.

INSUFFICIENT FUNDS: If an online payment must be reversed because of insufficient funds, the Town of Holden will charge the statutory penalty of $25, just as we would for a check returned for this reason.

Please call the Holden Collector's Office at (508) 210-5530 if you have questions about how to pay your bills.