Facility Rules

1.  Trash must deposited in proper receptacles or removed from park areas.

2.  Use of recreation vehicles is prohibited. Vehicles will be restricted to roadways designated for public use. Posted speeds will be strictly enforced.

3.  No pets allowed on public beaches. Pets must be kept on leashes or other physical restraints while in other park areas.

4.Parks close at dusk. Where lights are installed, parks close at 10 PM.

5.  No glass containers allowed in the pool area or on the beach.

6.  Any resident using facilities at Dawson Recreation area or Eagle Lake will have to show their current recreation passes.

7.  Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on town property.

8.  Any group wishing to use athletic facilities at any park should first contact the Recreation Department for scheduling at 508-829-0263.

9.  The Recreation Department should be notified seven days in advance if any park or facility is to be used after normal hours. Written permits are required for Trout Brook Reservation. Call 508-829-0263 weekdays (Legal Holidays Excepted) from 8am - 4pm.

10.  Use of parks by non-residents is allowed only at the convenience of Holden residents. A fee will be charged to all resident and non-resident groups who wish to use these facilities. Notification of the event should be at least 7 days in advance. Payment should be received by the Recreation Department upon approval of the application for use of such facility or park.

11.  All rules and regulations are enforced by the Recreation Department and local police or their duly authorized agents.

12.  Fires: No person shall build a fire without a permit issued by the Fire Department; except that in designated picnic areas, charcoal grills may be used. All fires and briquettes must be thoroughly extinguished before leaving.

13.  Noise: No person shall operate a radio, stereo, bullhorn, loud speaker or otherwise create noise at a level that could be reasonably expected to disturb others in the park, without first obtaining approval from the Recreation Department.

14.  Camping: Camping is permitted only in Trout Brook Reservation, Mason Park and Harris Street town forest. A written permit issued by the Recreation Department is required.

15.  Parking: No overnight parking of motor vehicles is allowed on park and reservation lands.

16.  Park Property: No person shall remove, deface or destroy signs, notices or protective devices placed in any park, forest or reservation.

17.  Property Damage: Any and all damage incurred while renting the property is the responsibility of the rental party.

18.  Recreation Fields Foul Weather Clause: Use of fields in inclement weather is prohibited. After a prolonged period of inclement weather, the Recreation Director should be consulted regarding approval to resume use of the fields.

19.  Waiver Rights: The Recreation Department reserves the right to waive these rules at any time if in the best interest of the Town of Holden.

20.  Penalties: Specific penalties for Rules 1 and 7 are provided for in Chapter II, Town of Holden By-laws, effective June 9, 1966.